A Toast to Elvis

Toast at Home
10/8/16      Not too bad. This is hot, white toast with believe it or not...........Peach jam with Amaretto!!!! Delicious jam. Thanks to Farmer Brown on the border of Portland and Gallatin off the 109. Home made of course with just the right amount of Ameraretto and a healthy dozing of peaches. Not too sweet, so much you could just eat it by the spoonful. Makes the perfect covering for lovely warm white toast. Try some, you will love it. 6/10 slices for the toast and 10/10 for the jam.

Toast at Mom's
10/11/16   Even better than you could think.It was so good I only needed half a piece:) Mom did not spare the butter as usual. Of course it was real butter, not anything fake. Melted right into the divets and holes. Delicious. The bread was Publix newly baked.
​Can't ask for much more. This has to be a 10/10

A toast to Elvis with...MVSW
10/17/16   If anyone deserves a toast it is Elvis for all that he has done and continues to do. Althought he was not much of a drinker he did have to stay hydrated. He was very specifc on what he liked and drank. Apart from Gatorade his favorite beverage was Mountain Valley Spring Water. MVSW has been around since 1871 with its headquarters in Hot Springs , Arkansas.