1. Grocery Shopping
    Grocery Shopping
    Hate grocery shopping? Well you don't have to go. We can go for you and get everything you asked for in a timely manner. You can choose everything from what grocery store to exact items.
  2. Dry Cleaning
    Dry Cleaning
    Need dry cleaning dropped off or picked up? We can take care of that for you.
  3. Car Maintenance
    Car Maintenance
    If you need that oil and filter change we can pick up your car and take it in for you, then return it to you and you will never know it happened.
  4. Emission Testing
    Emission Testing
    Everyone hates emission tests. You get in that line and you have committed for a long wait. We can get that done for you, painlessly.
  5. Dog Walking
    Dog Walking
    Four legged friends are a big part of our lives. If you work all day they still need to go out. We will come and play with them, walk them, give them plenty of love.
  6. House Sitting
    House Sitting
    If you need carpet installed, but have run out of sick days, we can be there while it gets done. Sick days are just for that, not for the cable man either.
  7. Car Rides
    Car Rides
    If you need a ride to a doctor appointment or the airport, we can assist you with that. Get to know your drivers and not just anybody.
  8. Gift shopping
    Gift shopping
    The holidays are approaching. We can go gift shopping, wrap the present, buy the cards, put on the bows, and deliver.Not just at the holidays, but birthdays too!
  9. Food Delivery
    Food Delivery
    Kids forget lunches all the time. Can't take off work to run them a PB&J sandwich, but we can.